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Cheval Passion #35

  Avignon Parc Expo   From January 15th to 19th 2020

In January, Avignon is home to riders, breeders and horse-lovers from the world over, for Cheval Passion. The 3rd biggest show in all of Europe and unrivalled for creativity...

Festival of the equestrian arts with 10,000m² of exhibition space, over 1000 horses, exhibitors with over 250 stands, lots of competitions: Western, Clinic Xtrem cow-boy, cattle sorting, Iberian horses, horse 'n buggy, trick riding... and lots of events.
At Cheval Passion, visitors find everything then need for their mounts and for their riding and care needs. High point of the show, the Crinières d'Or Gala where new talent and confirmed artists outdo each other to provide their audiences with the very best equestrian creations in Europe. Every single act presented at the Crinières d'Or is a brand new creation, dreamed up and performed for the first time at this magnificent gala show. Surprises, discoveries and strong sensations on board for this special event.

On the programme at Cheval Passion: the lively tracks at the Cabaret, the Poney Passion shows, the breed shows, initiations and workshops to discover lots of subjects, open to all. Conferences, a professional seminar on Cheval & Territories and many other surprises...



  Avignon Parc Expo  

From January 31st to February 1st 2020


Cycling of all kings with this great show entirely devoted to the world of cycling : three entire days of sports events. Major bicycle exhibition at the Avignon Fairgrounds - Parc Expo for the third year in a row of VELOPASSION. The program includes competitions, special events, exhibitors’ village, introductions to all kinds of bicycles and riding, talks... AVIGNON VELO PASSION is unique in France in that it is inclusive of all – beginners, professionals, experts and curious. It celebrates bicycles in every shape and form and in every type of riding, from mountain-biking to BMX, road bikes, urban cycling, electric bikes and even balance bikes.



  From January 23rd until February 5th 2020

Five year-round theatres in Avignon express the treasures, inventiveness and relevance of this area, with an entire week of performances by companies from the region. Fest'Hiver, is a real high point for the stage arts in the winter season. Organised by Scènes d'Avignon, this winter theatre festival returns for the 11th season. This festival shines the light on creators from southern France with a full week of treasures to be discovered and shared.




The Music Salon at La Mirande
Festival Brahms

  February 2020

Every winter, La Mirande organises concerts in intimate cozy settings in the beautiful former city mansion. This winter, a series of concerts on the theme ‘Aimez-vous Brahms?’ is proposed on the weekends in January, with dates in February and March too. Music by Brahms is performed by violinist Philippe Graffin with musicians: Gary Hoffman, Piers Lane, Frédéric Aguessy, Pierre-Henry Xuereb, Diana Ligeti, Michel Dalberto, Henry Demarquette, Laure Favre Kahn…






  Avignon   February from 13th to 22nd 2020

Each winter, Avignon becomes the capital of contemporary dance with the emblematic festival Les Hivernales: shows, workshops, exhibitions, performances ...take place in the historical city centre and outside the ramparts in Avignon. The place to be in the heart of winter! A rich event with contemporary dance performances and classes in and around Avignon.

- 5 to 13 February:
Les HiverÔmomes - dance and class program for youthful audiences.




      February 15th to 16th 2020

Youthful talent in European gymnastics competing for 2 days, with a final performance at the end, the Gym Passion Show.



  Avignon Parc Expo   February 15th & 16th 2020

A super weekend in Avignon where the city turns into the centre of the sci-fi, mangas and games universe. Actors, players, cosplayers all on hand.



The other festival that opens books “L’Autre Festival qui ouvre les livres” - 2nd edition

  February from 7th to 9th 2020

Dedications, talks, workshops in many different venues in Avignon 80 authors are expected for this festival. Guests of the year: Danny Laferriere and Pierre Assouline.




  Avignon Parc Expo   February from 27th to 29th 2020

The show for yarn arts with over 80 exhibitors, workshops and exhibitions.

This year's theme: Slavic Inspiration! Sewing, patterns, knitting, embroidery, patchwork, notions, lace, fabric, weaving, crochet, tapestry, kits, macramé, buttons, beads... 800m² dedicated to exhibitions, classes and workshops. 2000m² to do all your shopping!



The 10th Southern Cinematography Festival

  Avignon   March 16th to 21st 2020

The 7th Art will once again be celebrated in Avignon, this year for the 8th year in a row.
Meetings, events and conferences where actors, directors, producers and distributors come together to share in every aspect of current cinema for all : spectators of all ages, students, and cinema professionals.




  Avignon Parc Expo   March 20th to 22nd 2020

With 145 automobile clubs, 450 exhibitors and 50,000 square meters of display space for the automobiles and motorcycles, AVIGNON MOTOR FESTIVAL is a thousand percent dedicated to the passion of magnificent vehicles of yesterday and today. Fascinating, unusual, marvelous, over 2600 motor vehicles of all kinds present an entire century of auto-moto culture. The place to be on the calendar of the great European automobile events continues to draw an ever-wider audience.
The Avignon Motor Festival is famous for the quality of its exhibitions and each year shows more outstanding vehicles.




  Avignon   From March 28th to April 12th 2020

Avignon, the capital of theatre, hosts a new edition of the great springtime event, the festival of live performances for young audiences known as Festo Pitcho! Springtime 2020 means a wide range of different shows for the whole family, for school classes and other groups, in Avignon. Come discover theatre, marionettes, music, dance, storytelling, poetry... in performances for all ages, given by a collective of cultural and educational structures and local groups. Above all don’t miss the opening Festo Pitcho Parade in the city centre.




Ernest Pignon- Ernest
Ecce Homo

  Palais des Papes   Until February 29th 2020

This exhibition, produced by the City of Avignon and Avignon Tourisme, entitled "Ecce Homo" retraces Ernest Pignon-Ernest's career and conveys his artistic, intellectual and political approach for the past 60 years, through a panel of works from the gallery Lelong & Co in Paris, from private collections, the museum in Montauban and photographs of his work in streets throughout the world.
Nearly 400 works - photographs, collages, charcoal and black stone drawings, documents - all evoke his interventions from 1966 to the present. Ernest Pignon-Ernest is considered to be the initiator of Street art due in part to his large format images done with black stone, charcoal, and collages that he has made in the streets and on walls in cities for the past 60 years.
The exhibit is accompanied by special events including conferences, discussions with the artist, guided visits and a special concert by jazzman Louis Sclavis on February 2020.


Folco de Baroncelli, the poem of his life Until June 20th 2020 – Palais du Roure
At the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Folco de Baroncelli, within the scope of the Cycle of Renovation for the Palais du Roure, come discover this exhibit which tells the story of the life and the work of a very appealing person. Folco de Baroncelli is the descendent of the builders of the Palais du Roure.
He was very devoted to his Avignon roots, he used the Provençal language to write poetry, and he became a breeder of horses and bulls in Camargue. His life's work, however was to preserve the land, to preserve nature and to perpetuate his culture.


De leur temps (#6) 20 years in private French collections (1999-2019) Collection Lambert December 7th 2019 – March 15th 2020

‘De leur temps’ Of Their Time proposes a glance into French collections of contemporary art, focusing on a selection of works acquired by private collectors over the past twenty years. The objective is to capture in the process private collections as they are being constituted, to observe the options chosen, grasp the choices made in current artistic creation.



Municipales Archives
Boëtes, records, layettes: the city archives on display

The archives of the City of Avignon from before 1791, when Avignon became part of France, have spent the last 130 years slumbering in the County Archives. Now, they have finally joined the Municipal Archives at Rue Saluces, and can be seen. No charge.
Until 13 December: selection of original documents displayed in the old chapel at the Mont de Piété (Pawnshop) on Rue Saluces.
Until 12 May 2020: 49 panels exhibiting 100 archival documents on the outside walls on the streets Rue Saluces, Rue du Mont-de-piété and Rue de la Croix, and in the interior courtyard at the Archives on Rue Saluces.

Courtyard and old chapel open Monday 10-12 and 1:30-5pm / Tuesday to Friday 8:30-12 and 1:30-5pm. Panels on the walls in the streets are accessible every day.


Au fil de l’eau – With the Flow From March 28th 2020 to January 3rd 2021 - Louis Vouland Museum
‘Life is water’. If you cup the palm of your hand, you hold it. If you clench your fists, you lose it’. Jean Giono Painters in Provence have long loved casting their gaze upon water in these landscapes drenched in sunshine. Water, rivers, wells and fountains … but also clouds, rain and storms. Paintings, objects, photographs, installations, all evoke water in the landscape and the ongoing flow of our relation to water. Also the opportunity to recall that the Canal de Vaucluse flows, secretly, through the gardens here at the Musée Vouland.



Exhibition collective annuelle MAC’A From March 7th to 9th 2020
Exhibition of works of 5 contemporary artists.



Photos Credits: Le désert camargais par Jean Hamman - 1910 ©Fabrice Lepeltier / les hivernales ©Philippe Weissbrotd / ©L'Autre festival / ©Musée Louis Vouland / Pasolini Scampia-Naples 2015 ©Ernest Pignon Ernest / ©Avignon Tourisme / ©Fest'hiver / ©Freepik / ©Avignon Geek Expo / ©Salon Fil et Inspiration / ©Rencontres du Sud / ©Avignon Motor festival / ©Festopitcho / ©Fabien Estrade


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